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“I will judge you by your bookshelf”

I plead the fifth. ;)

"I will judge you by your bookshelf": a comic by Grant Snider
via Grant Snider
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“Cat etiquette”

Seems about right. :)

Comic: "Cat etiquette" via

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It’s official!

So happy to share the news that three more Penhallow Dynasty books are coming your way!Graphic: Three new Penhallow Dynasty books!

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“Sorry, Brain . . .”

Happy Friday. :)

Comic by the Awkward Yeti: "Just because it's Friday . . ."

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An extra chance to win!

Due to a glitch on my guest-hosting day over at the Romance of Reading (which was SO MUCH FUN, BTW), one of my giveaways was posted late and has been extended through this evening. I’m delighted to be sharing a signed copy of USA Today bestselling author Vivienne Lorett’s wonderful When a Marquess Loves a Woman.

Photo: When a Marquess Loves a Woman by Vivienne Lorret (Avon Books), via Lisa Berne

The Romance of Reading is a closed group, but the lovely admins are standing by to admit newcomers. Come on by!

To learn more about Vivienne, click here.


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Come hang out with me . . .

. . . on Monday, when I’ll be hosting the Romance of Reading Facebook group’s page! We’ll be celebrating Women’s History Month and the romance of reading (of course!)

Graphic: The Romance of Reading celebrates Women's History Month

I’ve got some giveaways I’m thrilled about, too: signed copies from some amazing authors of historical romance including Julia Quinn, Cathy Maxwell, Jade Lee, and Lenora Bell.

Photo: Lisa Berne's giveaways for the Romance of Reading's celebration of Women's History MonthThe Romance of Reading is a closed page, but the admins are speedy-quick in admitting new members. Hope to see you there!

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What are you reading?

Inquiring minds want to know. :)

Graphic: What are you reading? Via Lisa Berne,

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“An elegant, poignant and joyful romance”

Thrilled to share the news that The Bride Takes a Groom has received a starred review from Kirkus!

Cover for The Bride Takes a Groom by Lisa Berne (Avon Books)In part, it says: “Berne’s third Penhallow title maintains the exquisite writing, lush emotion, and complex characters we’ve come to expect, this time with a heroine who is knocked back time and again but finds herself strengthened by the choices she makes, the people she helps along the way, and, to her pleasant surprise, the remarkable man beside her. An elegant, poignant, and joyful romance and a must-read for Regency fans.”

The Bride Takes a Groom releases on April 24. Would you like to preorder? Click here to see your various options in print, ebook, and audio.


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Book love: Always the Hero

My friend, the uber-talented Anna J. Stewart, has a new book out, which is cause for celebration! It’s the latest in her wonderful Butterfly Harbor series. And check out the gorgeous cover!Cover image: Always the Hero by Anna J. Stewart

RT Book Reviews has said that Anna writes “refreshingly unique, quietly humorous, and profoundly moving romance.” Truly, I couldn’t have said it better myself. :)

Click here to learn more about Always the Hero, and how you can get your hands on a copy.


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“Chick magnet”

Ha! Couldn’t resist sharing this. :)

Meme: "chick magnet"

Also, aren’t dogs just the BEST.

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