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“I’m finding it hard to let go”

Been there, done that. ♥

Comic by Debbie Tung: "Didn't you finish reading that book a year ago?"

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What makes a heroine?

This is something I think about a lot, both as a reader and a writer. What qualities do we like to see — maybe even insist on seeing — in heroines we like, love, respect, and admire?

Graphic: What makes a heroine?

Intelligence, kindness, a big heart, a lively sense of humor: these are big on my list. What about on yours?

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“We found it on our doorstep . . .”

I love this so much! Another bookish gem from the brilliant Grant Snider.

Comic: "Stray Books" by Grant Snider

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This photo recently crossed my newsfeed. And boy, do I want to write a romance novel with this guy as my hero. ♥

Photo: Patrick Dempsey


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Title alert!

Tickled pink to share the news with you . . . We have a title for Book 4 in my Penhallow Dynasty series! Drumroll, please . . .

Graphic: Engaged to the Earl, Book 4 in the Penhallow Dynasty series by Lisa Berne (Avon Books)

If you’ve read the third book in the series, The Bride Takes a Groom, you’ve already become acquainted with my heroine, Gwendolyn Penhallow, Hugo’s spirited little sister. And if you’ve read the second book, you’ll meet again one of my very favorite secondary characters from The Laird Takes a Bride(A hint: she doesn’t speak French well at all.)

Want to save Engaged to the Earl on Goodreads? Click here. And you can preorder (the Kindle version, at least) on Amazon! Click here.

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Adios, reality!


Comic: escaping reality, escaping into a book

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Word of the day: gargantuan

An excellent word! I used it with pleasure in The Laird Takes a Brideand in one of my very favorite bits in the whole book.

Graphic: "gargantuan" and its definition

In this passage, my heroine Fiona Douglass is attending her 71st wedding, and thinking about some of her experiences as an observer. Here’s one of them:

Seven years ago, old Mrs. Gibbs, aged ninety-eight and heartily disliked by nearly everyone in the entire clan, had loudly expired just before the vows were spoken. The general agreement was that she’d done it deliberately in a last triumphant bid for attention, and that she was likely chuckling up in heaven (or down below in the other place) because afterwards, as her corpse was being removed, her pet ferret had crawled out from a pocket in her skirt and dashed up the towering headdress of a haughty dowager from Glasgow, from which vantage point it had leaped gracefully onto the shoulder of Fiona’s own mother, who had screamed and then fainted, sending the bride into hysterics and several small boys into par­oxysms of noisy laughter, thereby provoking Fiona’s father, the mighty chieftain of clan Douglass, into a fury so awful that the wedding was quietly called off and no one dared to partake of the gargantuan feast laid out in the Great Hall, resulting, of course, in a great deal of secret rejoicing in the servants’ hall for at least three days after that. The ferret was never seen again.Graphic: "A bright, intelligent, heart-tugging romance": Kirkus review for The Laird Takes a Bride by Lisa Berne (Avon Books)

This snippet appears in the first chapter of The Laird Takes a Bride. Would you like to read the entire chapter? Click here. And to see some of the nice things people have been saying about it, click here.

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Yes or no?

Here’s a twisty, eye-catching piece of art for us booklovers. Would you have this in your house?

Photo: book art

via Helen Warlow on Twitter

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“Gloriouss, right?”

LOL! This one goes out to my fellow coffee drinkers. :)

Comic: "Mornin nose" by the Awkward Yeti

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“Do I need more books?”

This made me laugh. (Also, nod in recognition.)

Graphic: "Do I need more books?"

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