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Shop talk: Patty Blount on the three stories
Author Patty Blount recently commented on the craft of writing romance novels, and I found what she said to be so insightful, so perceptive, that I’m keen to share it:


Writing romance is among the most challenging genres because you’re actually writing three stories. His and Hers (or His and His, Hers and Hers, depending on your sub-genre). 

Two main characters. Two trajectories and two distinct story arcs.

The third story is their romance itself.

It really fries my tomatoes when industry critics dismiss romance as bodice-rippers and lady porn and so on because that fact is often missed. Every romance novel has three stories that don’t just intersect . . . they become enmeshed, melded, just as relationships do.

We start off with one character immersed in his world, his problems, his wounds. Then, we cut to the other character and get the same experience. What makes romance so unique and so powerful, in my opinion, is how we authors craft these two people so that the story isn’t simply “Person Meets Love Interest.”

It’s Person Struggling Through Life

Meets Another Person Struggling Through Life

and Learns How To Love This Person Despite/Because of Those Struggles

So That Their Ending Feels Like a Beginning

That’s the Third story . . . the love that develops between these two characters has to be real and be forever and that kind of love becomes its own story.

That’s not just good writing, it’s magic.

Photo: Patty BlountMore about Patty here.
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A writer’s brain

Hahaha, seems about right. Comic: "A Writer's Brain"


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Getting to know you

It’s Thursday, which means it’s official Getting To Know You day on my Facebook page, where we talk about all kinds of fun things including books (of course), dogs vs. cats, dream vacations, our favorite meals, and more. Would you like to join the conversation? Hop right on in. :)Graphic: "What are you reading?" Via Lisa Berne, author of the Penhallow Dynasty series (Avon Books)

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“Give me the inspiration of a butterfly”

A lovely illumination of the creative process by Grant Snider."Give me the inspiration of a butterfly": a comic by Grant Snider

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A title for Book 3!

I’m so excited to share with you the title for the third book in the Penhallow Dynasty series! Drum roll, please . . . Graphic: The Bride Takes the Groom, the third book in the Penhallow Dynasty series by Lisa Berne (Avon Books)

If you’ve read You May Kiss the Bride, you’ll have met Captain Hugo Penhallow, cousin to Gabriel Penhallow: he makes a dramatic appearance toward the end of the story. Now it’s Hugo’s turn to find his happily-ever-after . . .

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“I am a shark”

Happy Monday. :)Graphic: "Sometimes you have to tell yourself 'I am a shark' and attack the day"

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Defying the stereotypes

“I also got you a cupcake.” :)

"You defy the stereotypes": an illustration by Guy Kopsombut

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“With a skill even Jane Austen might appreciate”

If you’ve been following my blog, you know I’m a big Jane Austen fan. So I was thrilled to hear about these deeply flattering words of praise from the Historical Novel Society.Graphic: "Vacuity, snobbery, thoughtlessness, spitefulness, slavish adherence to convention and superficial appearance: all are neatly skewered with a skill even Jane Austen might appreciate. Definitely recommended to Regency lovers." -Historical Novel Society on You May Kiss the Bride by Lisa Berne (Avon Books)

Click here to read the full review.

Want to read more of the nice things being said about You May Kiss the Bride? Click here.

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Book love: My Fair Duchess

I recently had the pleasure of reading Megan Frampton’s wonderful historical romance My Fair Duchess. I love Megan’s writing style; her voice is so distinctive, and she imbues her story with clever wit and “you are there” vividness. Her protagonists, Genevieve and Archie, are such interesting and nuanced characters that it’s a joy to follow them along to their well-deserved happy-ever-after.

Cover for My Fair Duchess by Megan Frampton

More about Megan here.

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“Are you reading a romance novel?”

Hahaha."Are you reading a romance novel?" A Baby Blues comic strip.

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