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Mary/Eloisa on writing romance

I always love to hear what Eloisa James has to say about her books, writing, and creative process. Julie Tetel Andresen recently interviewed Eloisa — or, really, Professor Mary Bly — and I especially enjoyed this pearl from Mary/Eloisa:

“. . . romance has a rhythm and a promise to it that appeals to me. Romance reminds me that if there’s a pattern to the universe, it’s shaped around and by love. We can all use that reminder now and again.”

An image of Eloisa James/Professor Mary Bly, famous author of historical romance

Read the full interview here.

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Word of the day: Impetuous

Here’s another excellent word for a romance writer. For example, in You May Kiss the Bride, impetuous behavior on the part of both Gabriel and Livia catapults them into an unexpected betrothal — much to their mutual dismay.A Merriam-Webster infographic for the word "impetuous."


Curious to meet them? You can read Chapter 1 here.


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Fight for the fairy tale

This is a kind of manifesto, isn’t it — for writers and readers of romance?

"Fight for the fairy tale": a meme by Joy F.

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