Word of the day: Melee

A delightfully evocative word.Graphic: "melee" and its definition, via Merriam-Webster. www.Lisa Berne.com

I used it with pleasure in The Laird Takes a Bride, in a scene in which my heroine, Fiona Douglass, is recalling some of the various weddings she’s attended:

Two years ago, in this very church, a spectacular brawl had erupted at the altar when the bridegroom’s twin brother (already roaring drunk) had lunged for­ward, seized the hapless bride, and tried to carry her off. A wild melee ensued as several other men (also already drunk) had, with joyful shouts, joined in. Forty­-five minutes later, the combatants subdued by brute force and the bride’s veil hastily repaired, the ceremony had proceeded without further incident, the chastened, bloodied twin the very first to warmly shake his brother’s hand.

For more about The Laird Takes a Bride, coming your way August 29th — soon! — click here.


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