New book board!

Are you a Pinterest person? If so, you’re cordially invited to check out my new board for Engaged to the Earl! It was a lot of fun putting together — it’s kind of an insider’s look at my inspirations, influences, research, references, and allusions. Here are some quick samples:

Image: Engaged to the Earl by Lisa Berne (Avon Books)

The gorgeous cover of course needed to be included!

Photo: Gwyneth Paltrow in Shakespeare in Love

Visual inspiration for my heroine, Gwendolyn Penhallow . . .

. . . and some equally delightful visual inspiration for my hero, Christopher Beck.

As was typical for a young woman in the Regency era, Gwendolyn wears white a great deal, and it was fun imagining her wearing a gorgeous gown like this.

“That horse has the devil in him.” “So do I,” says Christopher Beck.

A little theme running throughout Engaged to the Earl.

One evening at Vauxhall Gardens, Gwendolyn and Christopher slip away along the so-called Forbidden Paths for a quiet interlude alone . . .

A sweet little snippet.

Fragrant pink rose petals! Which are employed in a delicious romantic gesture . . .

Good advice, I think, for all of us. :)

* * *

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little preview!

Would you like more info about Engaged to the Earl? Click here to go to the Avon Books/HarperCollins site where you can see all your preorder options (in print, ebook, and audio), and read a sample, too.


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