Preorder links are live!

SUPER-EXCITED to let you know that preordering is now available for my next book, The Worst Duke in the World! And you can snag the ebook for $4.99!

  • Do you like love stories with a spunky heroine and a sweet goofball hero?Graphic: "Cover to be revealed" for The Worst Duke in the World by Lisa Berne (Avon Books)
  • How about a love story featuring a surprise identity, a food duel, a smelly ruin and a smoldering viscount?
  • And what about a story with a cute pug named Snuffles, a horribly grumpy cat and a magnificent award-winning pig?
  • How about a budding romance between a hero and heroine that might be quashed by family opposition? Romeo and Juliet, say, but of course with a more cheerful outcome?

If yes to the above, then I think you’ll enjoy The Worst Duke in the World

To learn more, and to preorder, click here.

By the way . . . If you’ve read Engaged to the Earlyou’ve had a sneak peek at the first chapter!


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