Q&A with Bookish Jottings (& a glowing review)!

I was so pleased to be interviewed for the Bookish Jottings blog, in which we talked a bit about me and my books, and especially about my latest release, Engaged to the Earl Photo: Lisa Berne, author of the Penhallow Dynasty series (Avon Books)what inspired it, who’s my favorite character, and more! Too, we chatted about what got me started writing historical romance, how I go about my research, my favorite writers, and my advice for aspiring authors.

Plus a five-star review for Engaged to the Earl! Here’s an excerpt:

Lisa Berne’s historical romances are an absolute joy to read! Her writing is crisp, fresh and spirited, her humor witty, stylish and full of gusto and flair and her ability to pen a funny, captivating and poignant romance packed with rich period atmosphere absolutely superb.

Engaged to the Earl is a delightful, sparkling and spellbinding historical romance that is absolutely irresistible. Gwen and Christopher are terrific characters who are Image: Engaged to the Earl by Lisa Berne (Avon Books)wonderfully nuanced and they leap off the pages and straight into readers’ hearts. I also loved how brilliantly Lisa Berne fleshed out the secondary characters . . . and how enjoyable the sub-plots were without detracting from Gwen and Christopher’s love story.

A splendid historical romance full of aristocratic hi-jinks, delicious humor and tender emotion, Lisa Berne’s Engaged to the Earl is an immensely enjoyable Regency tale aficionados of the genre will not want to miss.

Isn’t that lovely?!?

Click here to read the full blog post.

And for more info about Engaged to the Earl, including all the various ordering options and access to a free excerpt, click here to go to the Avon Books/HarperCollins site.



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