“Lovely, Luscious and Literary”!

For Feelgood Friday, I‘m sharing something that made me feel very good indeed! I was thrilled to be included in the 2020 Read-a-Romance Month’s “Celebrate Great Reads” series of posts. Here’s a snippet from RARM founder, writer, reviewer and longtime romance advocate, Bobbi Dumas:

Graphic: Read-a-Romance-Month logoLisa Berne is one of my favorite writers to debut in the last few years. There’s something so elegant and charming about her storytelling, her writing and her — well, everything.

Every time I start one of her books I kind of take a deep breath, preparing myself to be charmed, delighted, heart-wrenched, emotionally churned and ultimately uplifted, hoping that this one will be just as wonderful as the rest, and so far I haven’t been disappointed….

Honestly, in my opinion, she’s up with the greats, in terms of language and the ability to be both emotionally intense and yet simultaneously buoyant and light-hearted. Her characters seriously make my heart flutter almost from the beginning of the books, and I can barely put the books down until I get to the end and see how they’ve overcome their challenges and become better versions of themselves, ready to face the future with the love they’ve truly earned.

Isn’t this amazing?!? I’m so very happy and so very humbled.

Cover image: The Worst Duke in the World by Lisa Berne (Avon Books)

“She has a new release in January and I am dancing in anticipation, sad I have to wait so long! But also excited that it’s coming. Yay!”

To read the post in its entirety, click here.

By the way, there’s a wonderful RARM Facebook group, The Romance of Reading. If you aren’t a member, maybe consider joining!


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