Fall bingo!

Specifically, fall ROMANCE-NOVEL bingo! Isn’t this fun?!?

Graphic: "Fall Bingo," shared via LisaBerne.com

By the way, I can help you out with some of the squares . . .

Makes you hungry: The Bride Takes a Groom (hint: think chocolate!)

Pining: virtually all my books :)

Grumpy and Sunshine: The Bride Takes a Groom (cheerful cinnamon-roll hero, brooding heroine)

Pets: all my books

Banter: all my books

A beautiful outfit: all my books

Series following a big family: all my books

Older heroine: The Laird Takes a Bride

Rainy: You May Kiss the Bride and The Bride Takes a Groom

Pets: all my books

HEA: all my books OF COURSE

Graphic: The Penhallow Dynasty series by Lisa Berne (Avon Books)

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