Word of the day: Indomitable

A word I like a lot!Graphic: "Indomitable," shared via LisaBerne.com


I used it with pleasure in the very first book of my Penhallow Dynasty series, You May Kiss the Bride, in which we catch our earliest glimpse of the elderly Penhallow matriarch Henrietta, who figures importantly in the overarching storyline:

Gabriel Penhallow rode alongside the large, old-fashioned, perfectly sprung coach in which sat his grandmother and her companion Miss Cott. Its stately black panels as always were polished to a blinding gleam. Behind the coach, at a respectful distance, fol­lowed the light carriage bearing her dresser and maid­servant as well as his valet, along with an astonishing quantity of his grandmother’s luggage.Cover for YOU MAY KISS THE BRIDE by Lisa Berne (Avon/HarperCollins)

He turned his head to look inside and saw his grand­mother dozing, sitting bolt upright and her mouth firmly closed. Even in her sleep she was indomitable, he thought with a flicker of amusement.

This snippet appears in Chapter 1; would you like to read it? Click here.

To learn more about You May Kiss the Bride, order a copy, and see some of the nice things people are saying about it, click here.



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