“If I sound like a superfan, it’s because I am”
Graphic: A Month of Book Love, shared via LisaBerne.com

Graphic by Sharlene Martin Moore / Graphics by Sharlene

I was honored recently to serve as host-for-a-day at the Romance of Reading page on Facebook, helping kick off its “Month of (Book) Love” celebration. I had great time chatting with fellow bookworms there — it’s truly one of the nicest  and most interesting literary groups on FB!

I was also honored by the introduction given by Bobbi Dumas, the group’s cofounder and a freelance writer, romance advocate and the dynamo behind Read a Romance Month. Bobbi graciously gave me permission to include it here on my blog:

When I was reviewing professionally, it was always thrilling to discover a debut author who really knocked your socks off. They were few and far between in those days . . . One such author I discovered was Lisa Berne, and her first book, You May Kiss the Bride, was breathtaking.Cover for You May Kiss the Bride by Lisa Berne (Avon Books)

I’ve read all of her books now, all set in the Penhallow Dynasty series, and they are wonderful.

Moreover, Berne is a bit of an anomaly in historical romance these days. A bit less sexual, and a bit less of a modern gaze than is the current fashion.

All of her books feel more realistically “of their time” in a way, and yet the heroines maintain a subversiveness in them that gives them agency and power in being exactly who they are, while moving their love stories forward by twining with the hero in unexpected ways.

If I sound like a superfan, it’s because I am. I love the lyricism of her writing, the wit and insight she brings to her characters, and the daring choices she makes that definitely fall outside of the box of today’s typical historical romances . . . She’s different in brilliant and delightful ways, and I for one always look forward to her releases with joy and excitement.

* * *

By the way, here’s the nifty lineup of authors for March at the Romance of Reading!

Graphic by Sharlene Martin Moore / Graphics by Sharlene


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