“I hate cliches”

LOL! This is why I wrote The Bride Takes a Groom!

Graphic: "I hate cliches"

As BookPage so pleasingly said:

“Lisa Berne takes all the classic elements of a Regency romance and turns them upside down. The most charming surprise is the hero himself, Hugo Penhallow, who stands out from the legion of Regency leading men before him by being kind, pleasant and affable. Hugo is not a cad or a rake, nor is he the relentlessly proper image of decorum. He’s not cold and bitter from a broken heart, nor sarcastic and snide from a chilly upbringing. Instead, Hugo is a genuinely sunny soul, reared by a delightfully quirky family he adores.”

Image: The Bride Takes a Groom by Lisa Berne (Avon Books)

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