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Speaking of Twitter headers . . .

. . . I thought you might also like to see my Facebook header. It’s a bit more informative and (if I may say so myself) just as pretty. Especially with that incendiary closeup of my protagonists in You May Kiss the Bride, Gabriel and Livia. Graphic: Lisa Berne's Facebook header

If you’re on Facebook, please look me up! It’s one of my hangouts. :)

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“Like a riot in the heart”

I thought you might like to see my Twitter header. It has one of my all-time favorite quotes on it. (An especially apt one for a romance writer.)

Graphic: Lisa Berne's Twitter banner: "Unbiddable, ungovernable, like a riot in the heart"

Also, I love the font, even though the commas look sort of like jumbo cashews.

Are you on Twitter also? Let’s connect!

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“When the DJ drops Thriller”

Hahaha, this is my current favorite thing.

Caption for image: "When the DJ Drops Thriller"

via Medieval Reactions on Twitter

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A literary map of England

I adore this! Besides inspiring a wish to travel the length and breadth of England, it also makes me want to reread some of my longtime favorites. My only objection is that poor Jane Austen looks a little demented, and Charles Dickens seems to be gazing at her in concern.

A literary map of England, via

via Visit England & Traceyanne McCartney on Twitter


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Word of the day: Besmirch

An excellent word for a writer of historical romance, especially if you’re writing books set in an era during which one’s reputation is everything. Graphic: "besmirch" and its definition, via Merriam-Webster

I utilized it in You May Kiss the Bride, which takes place in 1811, in the scene in which my protagonists, Livia and Gabriel, have been discovered in a rather scandalous situation. Things are heating up among the various characters, and Livia’s uncle crudely says to Gabriel’s grandmother:

“Isn’t it obvious your grandson has been dallying with her? He’s compromised her—we’re all witnesses to it!—and he’ll have to pay the piper.”

Scornfully the old lady said: “If you are suggesting financial remuneration—”

“Dallying?” Cecily cried. “Oh, Mr. Penhallow!”

“Money, ma’am?” Uncle Charles’s face was a livid scarlet. “He’s got to do the honorable thing and marry her! I won’t have the family reputation besmirched!”

This snippet appears in Chapter 3, but if you like, you can read all of Chapter 1 here. And if you’d like to preorder You May Kiss the Bride, which releases on March 28 (soon!), click here for ordering info for print, ebook, and audio formats.


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Shop talk: unusual happy-ever-afters

Really enjoyed this thought-provoking post by Lorraine Heath, “When the HEA Isn’t Quite What We Expect,” on Heroes and Heartbreakers. “The value in unusual Happily-Ever-Afters is that they can dare us to believe in the possibility of so much more, change our perspective, or elicit a profound emotion,” says Lorraine. “They can help to keep the genre fresh, broaden its horizons, and allow authors to step out of their comfort zone. . . . if reading romance teaches us anything at all, it’s that there are rewards to be found in taking risks.”

Also — Lorraine’s latest was released yesterday! Check out this amazing cover!

Click here* to read Lorraine’s post in full. And here for info on how to order When the Marquess Falls.

*Link removed, no longer active.

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O Russet Witch

Now that’s a book signing.

Art by Ryan Schude: "O Russet Witch!"

Actually this is an amazing photograph, “O Russet Witch,” by Ryan Schude. Inspired by a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald, it was created in 2015 at the Last Bookstore in Los Angeles. More about Schude here.


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Last call!

This lovely Goodreads giveaway, hosted by Avon Books, ends tomorrow. Have you entered yet? If not, click here!Graphic: Goodreads giveaway for You May Kiss the Bride by Lisa Berne, compliments of Avon Books

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“Look at what the cat did!!!”

Hahaha, I love this.Photo: a dog poses in front of his bed which he's plainly ripped to shreds. Caption: OMG!! LOOK AT WHAT THE CAT DID!!!

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“I can’t imagine why you read those romantic novels”

This floated across my Twitter feed, and I had to laugh.

Cartoon: "I can't imagine why you read those romantic novels."

via Lorraine Heath on Twitter


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