Praise for The Bride Takes a Groom

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A Kirkus Best Book of the Year
A BookPage Best Romance of the Year
A Fresh Fiction “Fresh Pick”
A Publishers Weekly “Big Title of Spring”

Star“An elegant, poignant, and joyful romance and a must-read for Regency fans.”
Kirkus, starred review

Publishers Weekly Red Star“Beautifully written. Regency fans will love this forthright, intellectual heroine and affable, resourceful hero.”
Publishers Weekly, starred review

“With perfectly polished prose, a rare gift for creating superbly rendered characters, and a sense of wit that rivals Georgette Heyer at her best, Berne gifts romance readers with the third sterling addition to her not-to-be-missed, Regency-set Penhallow Dynasty series.”

“The Penhallow Dynasty continues as the son of this eccentric family finds the perfect bride in a marriage of convenience with his childhood friend. It’s a lovely story filled with sweetness and humor; best of all, readers will enjoy the heroine’s growth, her love of Shakespeare and chocolate, and the hero who brings her unanticipated passion and joy. Berne’s light touches of humor (provided by the Penhallow parrot) and realistic dialogue bring the characters and atmosphere of the era to life. There will be a smile on many a reader’s lips by the satisfying HEA.”
RT Book Reviews

“Now I know which book to bring on a desert island! . . . By the end of chapter one of The Bride Takes a Groom, I was head over heels in love with Hugo, Katherine, and Lisa Berne’s writing! The joy of being shown that Katherine has a wild streak, the ecstasy of having a heroine who is consumed with lust, and a hero who is so honorable that he will respect her wishes of a passionless marriage, and the absolute bliss of Ms. Berne’s luminous, graceful, eloquent, dazzling prose! The dialogues are no less spectacular with the author’s choice of period — and typically English — vernacular, by Jove, I nearly swooned! I could sense Hugo’s easy confidence, his joie de vivre even when his situation was dire; Katherine’s rage felt like a punch to the stomach: her parents are truly horrid, tactless and snobbish; and her visceral reaction to Hugo was nearly palpable. The secondary characters are simply stupendous: Hugo’s mother, sister, and brothers; Céleste, Katherine’s condescending and sly maid, and the extraordinary Gwendolyn, Hugo’s young sister. And what to say of the descriptions of the garish, gaudy opulence of Katherine’s dreadful gowns! I cannot say how much I appreciated that, for once, it was the woman who was nearly drooling at the idea of a man. . . . There are some marvelous plot twists; many endearing characters and I was never confused; such splendid storytelling that I see in The Penhallow Dynasty the makings of a grand saga that will be remembered for decades to come.”
Fresh Fiction

“In her latest installment in the Penhallow Dynasty series, The Bride Takes a Groom, Lisa Berne takes all the classic elements of a Regency romance and turns them upside down. The most charming surprise is the hero himself, Hugo Penhallow, who stands out from the legion of Regency leading men before him by being kind, pleasant and affable. Hugo is not a cad or a rake, nor is he the relentlessly proper image of decorum. He’s not cold and bitter from a broken heart, nor sarcastic and snide from a chilly upbringing. Instead, Hugo is a genuinely sunny soul, reared by a delightfully quirky family he adores.”

“Well-written, making a great afternoon read. . . . Readers will be able to pick up the novel without having read the previous two, since enough context is given so that they won’t feel as though they’re missing crucial pieces.”
Historical Novel Society

“A sloooooow burn historical romance . . . filled with highs and lows, drama and redemption, and a cast of unforgettable characters that will certainly entertain readers.”
Harlequin Junkie

“I’m glad I took the time to read this one. I don’t think it’s a ‘quick Regency romp,’ but that’s not what I expect from Berne’s books at this point. I enjoy reading ‘unlikable heroines’ and the men who support them, and so I liked reading about Katherine. If you don’t want to read about a woman without family or friends figuring out how to have family and friends . . . not the book for you. But if you like ship-building, parrots, books, chocolate, and/or character-driven romance? Give it a try.”
Love in Panels

“It is a well-known fact that I love me some historical romance, especially when it involves heroines doing the wooing; marriages of convenience that involve hot, hot sex; and strong family dynamics. Therefore, this book checked every box for me. . . . I would recommend this book to: Lovers of joyful historicals that leave you feeling like you’ve just meditated for 3 hours, petted a cat and been gifted a lifetime supply of chocolate chip cookies.”
Love in a Time of Feminism

Oogie (Hot Sauce Reviews)Oogie (Hot Sauce Reviews)Oogie (Hot Sauce Reviews)Oogie (Hot Sauce Reviews)“A blast to read. . . . The plot of The Bride Takes a Groom seems like another rehash of a well-worn premise, and yes, that’s exactly what it is. The author’s treatment of her story, however, is anything but played out. I’ve compared the author’s style favorably to that of Eloisa James in the past, and this is more evident than ever here, especially in the frequent moments of subversion. . . . Yes, this story is fun, fun, fun. Really, even Katherine’s parents are entertaining sorts, especially her mother who keeps dropping French phrases to sound clever and posh. The humor works very well with me, and the author tosses in letters between various characters here to break up the more conventional narrative structure here and there too. All in all, there is something about this story that makes me grin and even laugh—it’s like the child of a good Eloisa James book and a Julia Quinn book, with sweet, emotional moments that nicely balance out the humor.”
Hot Sauce Reviews