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“Happiness is . . .”

Boy, is this ever true. ♥

Graphic: "Happiness is . . ." by The Book Queen, via Bookstr

by The Book Queen, via Bookstr

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Bookish underwear!

The Ripped Bodice shared this on their Twitter page, and I had to share, too. Available via Target!

Photo: bookish underwear at Target via the Ripped Bodice

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“The Book Fair”

Ooh, I’d love to meander around here. (Although I’d avoid the “Dunk the author” part!)

Comic: "The Book Fair" by Grant Snider

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If you could be transported . . .

I’d be in France in the 1500s! What about you?

Graphic: "If you could be transported . . ." via Lisa Berne


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“In a bookshop . . .”

It is a truth universally acknowledged (among book-lovers, at least), that books really do smell nice. ♥

Comic: "In a bookshop" by Debbie Tung

via Debbie Tung

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Today’s bookish question

Fellow readers! Yes or no on this one? Let me know!

Graphic: "Acknowledgements: Love 'em? Or skip 'em?" Via

As for me, my answer’s a resounding YES. I always read ’em.


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The Magic of Change

I’m so honored to be a part of Read-a-Romance-Month 2019! Here’s a little tidbit from my essay on love and the magic of change:

Graphic: Read-a-Romance-Month logoRomance novels — love stories — can, and do, portray their share of dark matter. But within them, like a bright skein woven throughout a dappled fabric, is an optimistic and unshakable faith in change. That it’s not only possible, but achievable, and it happens just when we’re just about to lose hope. There’s no need to fear, though. See? The heroine and the hero have bettered themselves, they’re changed, their trajectories have met and are firmly joined. 

See? Change; connection; hopefulness. Joy. Magic.

Here it is: love. Magic.

Maybe for us, too. Why not?

Plus, there’s a Q&A, book/author recommendations, and a giveaway! Copies of You May Kiss the Bride and The Laird Takes a Bride, the first two books in my Penhallow Dynasty series, are up for grabs. For a chance to win, simply add a comment at the bottom of the post.The cover for The Laird Takes a Bride by Lisa Berne (Avon Books) Cover for You May Kiss the Bride by Lisa Berne (Avon Books)

Click here to check it out.



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KissCon Chicago 2020!

I’ll be there, along with a dazzling lineup of fellow Avon authors including Julia Quinn, Sonali Dev, Eloisa James, Beverly Jenkins, Cathy Maxwell, Jeaniene Frost, Lorraine Heath, Lisa Kleypas, Tracey Livesay, Sarah Maclean, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Joanna Shupe, and Mia Sosa. It’s gonna be FUN!

Graphic: Avon KissCon Chicago 2020

Tickets are going fast! Want to get yours, or to learn more about the event? Click here*. I’d love to see you!

*Link removed, no longer active.

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Find your happy place . . .

. . . in this short, sweet, funny video from Harlequin Books. Even if you’re in a lousy mood, I promise it will have you smiling at the end!

Photo from a "Find your happy place" video via Harlequin Books


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Let’s celebrate!

Will you be in or near beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, this Saturday, from 6 to 8 PM? If so, please come join me — and other local romance others — in celebrating the very first annual Bookstore Romance Day at the beloved indie the Well-Read Moose!

Graphic: 1st annual Bookstore Romance Day


It’s a double celebration, really, because the Well-Read Moose is launching its brand-new romance section. (How cool is that?!?) We’ll be talking and signing books, and there will be fun romance-themed drinks and treats available. Plus, if you purchase a romance novel, you’ll get to take a spin on the MOOSE MADNESS PRIZE WHEEL!

For more info, click here. Hope to see you there!



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