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Illustration by Elisa Ferro

Artist: Elisa Ferro

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Inside scoop: Eloise!

There’s a little scene in The Worst Duke in the World which was inspired by this indelible scene from one of my favorite books of all time, Eloise. Even after all these years, it never fails to crack me up!

Image from ELOISE

“Stop it at once, Eloise.”


A classic!

Want to learn more about The Worst Duke in the World, preorder, save it on Goodreads? Here ya go!

Cover image for The Worst Duke in the World by Lisa Berne (Avon Books)

Coming your way January 12!

More inspirations, allusions, Easter eggs and amusements on my Pinterest page!

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“Help! I’ve fallen into a book…”

There are worse fates. :)

Graphic: "Help! I've fallen into a book," shared via

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“When you finish a book . . .”

Ain’t it the truth.

Graphic: "When you finish a book," shared via

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Authors Adopt!

From the wonderful Julia Quinn:

“I’m thrilled and honored to partner with Penny Reid for Authors Adopt 2020, a program that aims to give autographed books to the medical workers who are working so selflessly to keep the rest of us safe during this crazy time.Photo: Julia Quinn for Authors Adopt

“If you are a medical worker and would like a FREE autographed book, sent to you directly from an author, click here to fill out this form.

“It’s a small but heartfelt way to say thank you.”

I’m equally thrilled and honored to be donating my books as part of this wonderful program. At last count, nearly 1,000 authors are participating!

If you’re a medical worker, please feel free to sign up. And if you know any medical workers who might be interested, please could you share? Thank you!

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Your personal library

Aren’t these all amazing?!? Which would you choose?

Graphic: Your personal library

Photos via Into The Forest Dark on Twitter

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A miniature bookshop!

What is it about miniatures that’s so fascinating? I saw these photos on Andy West’s Twitter and was instantly enchanted. Just look at his magnificent handiwork!

“A real labour of love,” says Andy.


He says: “It’s a kit made by a company called Imagine3d — not much about them online. It took about 18 hrs, over a month and HUGE patience. You need to buy extra glue, craft knife, 3v batteries and scissors. It’s so tricky and SO rewarding!”

Rewarding indeed.


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Newsletter alert!

Coming on the 20th! My next newsletter, which I’m especially excited to be sharing . . . It’s going to include an exclusive Q&A with fellow Avon author Caroline Linden, a giveaway of her newest book, About a Rogueand a juicy, never-been-seen-before excerpt from my next book, The Worst Duke in the World: Jane and Anthony’s first kiss!

Image: VIP Reader via

Remember, as a subscriber, you’re automatically entered into all my giveaways. If you haven’t yet signed up, would you like to? There’s an easy-peasy form here on my site, and on my Facebook page, too.


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Summer romance bingo!

Say the good folks from the wonderful Ripped Bodice bookstore: “Calling all romantic readers! It’s Summer Romance Bingo time again and we hope this can be something to bring a smile to your face during very difficult times! Downloadable pdf cards and rules are here. That’s also where you go to win PRIZES!”


Graphic: Summer Romance Bingo

Pssst . . . You May Kiss the Bride, The Laird Takes a Brideand The Bride Takes a Groom could fill the “Psychics” square. :)

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Masking in style!

Check out Lorraine Heath’s ultra-cool mask: it features her cover for The Duchess in His Bed!

Photo: Lorraine Heath

On her Facebook page, Lorraine says she got her custom mask from Contrado. Imagine all the possibilities . . .

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