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Who else wants this fab t-shirt?!?

Photo: "Boooooks!" t-shirt

via @OnFrolic on Twitter

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“Which door will you open?”

Can I only choose just one? Oh, this is hard! For me it’s a toss-up between Wonderland and Middle Earth . . . with Wonderland, a favorite of mine since childhood, in the lead. :)

Graphic: "Which door will you open?"

What about you? Which door will you open?

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“If you love Eloisa James and Tessa Dare . . .”

This is such a fun description of Engaged to the Earl from HarperCollins UK!

Image: cover for Engaged to the Earl by Lisa Berne (Avon Books)If you love Eloisa James and Tessa Dare, you will love Lisa Berne.

Gwendolyn Penhallow is smart, creative, and adventurous — a true Penhallow! She arrives in London for her Season, and quickly finds herself swept off her feet by the handsome Earl of Westenbury. Gorgeous and gallant, she believes she’s fallen head over heels for him. Preparing for her dream marriage, Gwendolyn thinks she is happier beyond her wildest dreams.

But the unexpected arrival of her childhood friend Christopher Beck — unconventional, tough, but tender-hearted — shakes Gwendolyn’s certainty that she’s found her perfect soulmate. At the same time, her cousin Helen seems to like Christopher a bit too much — and Christopher has his own doubts about the rightness of Gwendolyn’s choice, even as he finds that his feelings for her are going beyond just friendship . . .

Engaged to the Earl, the fourth book in my Penhallow Dynasty series, releases in February, in print, ebook, and audio formats. Would you like to preorder? Click here.

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And the winners are . . .

If you’ve been hanging out on Twitter lately, you may have seen the fun tagging game in which people are invited to share the names of their three favorite films — without any explanatory text. I was tagged by fellow author Anna J. Stewart . . . and here are mine. (Keeping in mind there were several other contenders I longed to include!)

Image: Pride and Prejudice 2005

Image: Serenity

Image: The Matrix

What about you? What are your top three movies?

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Do you want to write for Avon Books?

My wonderful publisher is open for submissions! They say: “We’re currently seeking writers of all gender, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, religion, national origin and ability. #OwnVoices highly encouraged. Submissions window is between 7/22 and 9/15. You do not need an agent!”

Graphic: "Do you want to write for Avon Books?"

Click here for more info. And please spread the word about this amazing opportunity!

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Bookish punning!

Or . . . punningly bookish. I’m not going to admit just how much time I spent poring over this fabulous image (and chuckling to myself), but . . . Isn’t it delightful??

Artwork: bookish punning by Jelly Armchair

Artwork by Jelly Armchair. Via Helen Warlow on Twitter

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Lady in red!

You are cordially invited to feast your eyes on this gorgeous dress! I’d wear it in a heartbeat — what about you?

Photos: red gown circa 1930s

via Kate Strasdin on Twitter

“Red and black devoré velvet, the vividness of the red moving from the shoulders towards the black froth of net around the hem. The 1930s witnessed a return to a more elongated silhouette, skirts lengthening once again.”

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Bookish art!

I absolutely adore this painting!

A book-themed painting by Valentin Rekunenko

Artist: Valentin Rekunenko. Via Helen Warlow on Twitter

Although I’m just a tiny bit concerned about that cat in the upper left-hand corner . . .

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Royals watch!

Isn’t the Duchess of Cambridge a snappy dresser? Here’s a glimpse of some of her outfits from May. Which is your favorite?

Photo graphic: images of the Duchess of Cambridge

via @KateMCambridge on Twitter

Myself, I’m rather partial to that stunningly simple, elegant green dress. :)

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“Types of self-care”

I love this infographic! Self-care is SO important.

Graphic: Types of self-care

via the Pub-Craft Team

My biggest strategies from this graphic: nature, hobbies, time together, and an organized space. What are yours?

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