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“Get off the computer now and again”

“Get off the computer now and again.” It’s not always so easy for writers to do, especially for those who — like me — try to write every day. But tomorrow I’m off for a nice long holiday visit with family, and I’ve vowed to be offline the whole time.

"Get off the computer now and again": an illustration by Lizzy Stewart.

illustration by Lizzy Stewart

More from me again a bit further down the road. In the meantime, here’s a link to the site of the wonderfully talented Lizzy Stewart.


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The Other Side of Infinity

Yesterday we drove through a hailstorm, which gave way to sleet and then lightly falling snow, to a planetarium to watch “Black Holes: The Other Side of Infinity,” a mind-bending program narrated by Liam Neeson.

One of the creators, Andrew J. S. Hamilton, a professor of astrophysics at the University of Colorado, has said about the program: “What if you could take people through a wormhole the way Einstein’s equations said it would be? And what if you could bring art and science together in a way that compromised neither?”

It was indeed an awe-inspiring — and giddy! — thrill ride. Yet we were glad when the lights went up and there we were, still in our seats, still in Spokane, still safe and sound on beautiful planet Earth.

Speculative image of a black hole via, from an article called "The Other Side of Infinity" by Phil Plait

Image via

More about “Black Holes” here.


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“I never walk backward”

Words to live by — from one of my heroes, Abraham Lincoln.


"I walk slowly, but I never walk backward." A quote from Abraham Lincoln, with his photo.


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On finishing a book

This has happened to me countless times. You?


"Now what do I do with my life?" A comic via

“Now what do I do with my life?” A comic via

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