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A Bookish “must-read”!

Bookish has named You May Kiss the Bride one of its spring 2017’s “must-read” romances! (With the clever tagline “I now pronounce you reader and book.”)Graphic: "Love in Bloom: Spring 2017’s Must-Read Romances" via Bookish

So many fab books. More titles for my TBR list!

Click here to read all about it.


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For your listening pleasure

I love audiobooks, so I’m thrilled that You May Kiss the Bride is being released (soon! March 28th!) in audio as well as in print and ebook editions. Want to hear a sample on SoundCloud? Click here.Cover image: audio version of YOU MAY KISS THE BRIDE by Lisa Berne (Avon/HarperCollins, March 2017)

Another benefit of an audio release is that the cover image can show more of that gorgeous background! Here’s the print/ebook cover so you can see what I mean:Cover for YOU MAY KISS THE BRIDE by Lisa Berne (Avon/HarperCollins)

Interested in preordering You May Kiss the Bride? Click here.

If you’d like to read Chapter 1, click here.

And finally, next week Avon Books is hosting a Goodreads giveaway of 10 print advance reader copies! I’ll let you know when the giveaway opens for entries.



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Q&A with RT Book Reviews VIP Salon

Thrilled to be featured in RT Book Reviews‘ VIP Salon in conversation with senior editor Emily Walton, who asked some very thoughtful and fun-to-answer questions — about my writing inspiration, characters in You May Kiss the Bride, how I approach research, and more.

Photo: cover of You May Kiss the Bride (Avon Books, April 2017) and author Lisa Berne, via RT Reviews

Image via RT Book Reviews


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It’s Romance Week at Goodreads!

Although, as a romance novelist, I would argue that every week is romance week. ;)

Logo: Goodreads Romance Week

All kinds of cool stuff is going on. Romance authors taking questions, 14-word love stories (so far my favorite is J.R. Ward’s “‘How can I not love you?’ I said to Channing Tatum as he blushed”), Top 10 lists, and more. Click here to check it out.

And stay tuned! Avon Books is hosting another Goodreads giveaway for You May Kiss the Bride, starting on — swoon! — Valentine’s Day. I’ll keep you updated when the giveaway goes live.


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“A sheer delight”

So happy to share with you the first review for You May Kiss the Bride — and it’s a starred one from Kirkus Reviews!

Infographic: the starred Kirkus review for You May Kiss the Bride by Lisa Berne (Avon Books, April 2017)


This review was published by Kirkus on February 7, 2017.

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