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“It is a truth universally acknowledged . . .”

“. . . that love is complicated.” What a fun graphic delineating the romantic relationships in Pride and Prejudice.

Graphic: Pride and Prejudice romantic relationships, via Shmoop

via the Jane Austen Centre

Speaking of Jane Austen, you may also enjoy my Bookish post on why she is a huge source of inspiration to romance novelists everywhere.

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“A face carved by angels”

Jazzed to see You May Kiss the Bride featured in Barnes & Noble’s sparky Romance Roundup column! I especially like Cristina Merrill’s description of my hero, Gabriel Penhallow, as having “a face carved by angels.” What a gloriously romantic turn of phrase! Here’s the cover if you want to take a peek at that angelic countenance. :)Cover for YOU MAY KISS THE BRIDE by Lisa Berne (Avon/HarperCollins)

Click here to read the full post.

Also, would you like to order You May Kiss the Bride? Click here to see your various options.

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“I can’t imagine why you read those romantic novels”

This floated across my Twitter feed, and I had to laugh.

Cartoon: "I can't imagine why you read those romantic novels."

via Lorraine Heath on Twitter


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“I want to tell you how I feel”

“Let me come out and say it . . .” A beautiful love-letter by Grant Snider.Illustration: "Love Letter" by Grant Snider

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Goodreads giveaway!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Avon Books is hosting a giveaway for You May Kiss the Bride, which is a very romantic gesture, don’t you think? :)
Graphic: "Goodreads giveaway, compliments of Avon Books!" Featuring You May Kiss the Bride by Lisa Berne (Avon Books, April 2017)

Available to U.S. Goodreads members, this giveaway for 10 print advance reader copies started today, and ends on February 21, 2017. Click here to enter. Good luck!

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The Land of Neckcloths

Yes, yes, I know the figures aren’t grounded in the same plane, but whatever. I love this collage! I’m writing Regency-era historicals and dwelling, as it were, in the Land of Neckcloths. So it’s kind of like a vision board.

A collage showing various actors who have portrayed Jane Austen's male characters in recent years. Via the Jane Austen Centre on Twitter.

via the Jane Austen Centre on Twitter

More about the Jane Austen Centre here.

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Word of the day: Wistful

This is an excellent word for a romance writer to deploy. One of my characters, for example, is feeling this right now. But not to worry — all will end well. :)

"Wistful": a word of the day infographic via Merriam-Webster.


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“Whatever our souls are made of . . .”

Wuthering Heights“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”


Isn’t this a swooningly romantic quote from Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights? And I think this image from the 1992 film version starring Ralph Fiennes and Juliet Binoche is pretty amazing, too.


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True Romance

Here’s one of the most truly romantic stories I’ve ever heard.

“Most bachelor parties end with foggy memories, but Michael Craddock will never forget his celebration. Craddock and his friends were staying at a rented cabin in the Tennessee woods when a hungry dog appeared at their door. The group fed the dog and then followed her into the woods, where they found her eight newborn pups. The men got right to work: bathing the puppies and spending their beer fund on kibble. Each groomsman went home with a pup, and Craddock’s fiancee was delighted to meet her new pet.” –via The Week

 Michael Craddock's amazing bachelor party. Image via

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