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Epic bookish goodness

I’m a little afraid of heights, but I’d gladly change places with the person in this photo. Just to be surrounded by all this amazing, epic, bookish goodness.

photo: the old Cincinnati main library

The old Cincinnati main library. Via History in Pictures on Twitter

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Bookworm solutions

A fire marshall would not approve. But I would. I do.

Photo: a winding staircase, the wall of which is lined with books

via Goodreads


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Dragon bed

This image floated across my Twitter feed, and I had to stop and stare at it in admiration.

Photo: a miniature dragon bed made by Michael Reynolds.

Via Traceyanne McCartney on Twitter

Of course, I spent some time wondering if I could somehow write in a bed like this into one of my books. Nothing immediately springs to mind, but you never know . . .

Then I had to learn more. This is an amazingly teeny-tiny little bed, the artist is Michael Reynolds, and he is evidently a member of the International Guild of Miniature Artisans which has a bewitchingly fascinating Instagram. Enjoy!



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The Museum of Broken Relationships

I was fascinated to read an article about the Museum of Broken Relationships, which houses “artifacts from failed unions, most of them mundane under ordinary circumstances. A single stiletto heel. A wine opener. A worn old Snoopy doll. But when isolated in a glass case or hanging on a white wall and accompanied by a caption, the objects become imbued with heartache or regret. Or freedom.” As an avid museum-goer, I’d love to visit.

A photograph taken at the Museum of Broken Relationships: visitors looking at a display of "brokenship" artifacts.

via the Museum of Broken Relationships

Of course, one of the great joys in my profession is to ensure that no matter what obstacles my protagonists encounter, all will end well. Hmmmm. Maybe they should stock some romance novels in the gift shop . . . ?

More about the “brokenships” museum here.



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“Hot galley right here”

Oh my goodness, You May Kiss the Bride is on Snapchat! And all dolled up, too.

Image: a bound-galley of You May Kiss the Bride by Lisa Berne, posted on Snapchat by Avon Romance

Just so you know — those aren’t my kiss-marks there. But they might have been if I’d had the chance. ;)

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

So, yeah, we’ve been having a lot of snow lately.

Photo: "Clayton Conrad walks past the 22-foot-tall Olaf snowman Wednesday in his front yard . . . in Spokane Valley." Via the Spokesman-Review

“It’s not finished yet,” Clayton Conrad says about his 22-foot-tall snowman in the front yard of his Spokane Valley home. Via the Spokesman-Review.


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Whale swimming beneath the moon

Having recently gone whale-watching, and having the incredible good luck to actually see some whales — magnificent! — I loved coming across this beautiful image. It’s kind of like a memento.

Illustration: WHALE SWIMMING BENEATH THE MOON by Richard Cartwright, via Helen Warlow on Twitter

“Whale Swimming Beneath the Moon” by Richard Cartwright. Via Helen Warlow on Twitter.

More about the artist Richard Cartwright here.


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My entire childhood

I’m so wowed by this. It feels like my entire childhood, coalesced into a single image.

Illustration showing the imaginative power of books and reading.

via Helen Warlow on Twitter


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May your beard be merry and bright

Props to whoever thought of this.

Photo of a man whose beard is festooned with holiday lights. Via


More here.


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Just . . . breathe

Your moment of Zen.

"Your moment of Zen": this photograph shows a Chihuahua in a moment of wonderful beatitude.

image via Beautiful Pictures on Twitter

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