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Chocolate chip cookies – yum!

On the “About Lisa” section of my website, I mention that I like to bake. And I’m a little braggy about my chocolate-chip cookies. But for good reason, honest! They really are amazing. I thought you might enjoy seeing a photo of the batch I made the other day. Photo: Lisa Berne's recent batch of chocolate-chip cookies

I shared the recipe, of course. Here it is also. Enjoy!

Graphic: a recipe for chocolate-chip cookies via author Lisa Berne


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Crescent Voles

I don’t fully understand it, but my son said on Monday evening that he needed to bring in to school the next day (of course) some kind of baked good for chemistry class. Something about volume, which somehow segued into the idea of voles and raisins. Luckily we had a tube of crescent-roll dough on hand. And here is the result of his culinary handicraft. Cute, no?Photo: "crescent voles"

Actually, I don’t understand it all. But afterwards he said his Crescent Voles were a big hit. :)

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Today’s culinary accomplishment

Isn’t this beautiful? It’s especially nice on a cool, gray, Pacific Northwest kind of day. Photo: Lisa Berne's colorful fruit salad.

By the way, there’s a “secret sauce” which makes it especially good: mango juice.

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‘Tis the season, peeps!

In our house, it’s one of the hap-hap-happiest times of the year. :)Photo: a package of Peeps

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Galentine’s Day Sweepstakes!

Thrilled that You May Kiss the Bride is featured in this epic “Ladies’ Night In” sweepstakes hosted by Heroes and Heartbreakers!Infographic: Galentine's Day sweepstakes hosted by Heroes and Heartbreakers, featuring You May Kiss the Bride (Avon Books, April 2017) by Lisa Berne

Not only are early copies of these ten books up for grabs, there’s also a snack box, assorted teas, and a Bridesmaid DVD. Click here* to learn about the sweepstakes rules, and to enter. Good luck!

*Link removed, no longer active.

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Last night’s supper

Because breakfast is always more fun in the evening.

Photo: a "smiley face" comprised of an omelet, a sausage, and two English muffins

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The holidays aren’t over

Call it willful denial, but the holidays aren’t over in my house. Not, at least, until we’ve finished our fudge.

Photograph of two pieces of fudge and a glass of milk: yummy!

By the way, the recipe is super-easy.

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